True Stories of Online Love: Two Couples Share Their Digital Journeys


When Sean and Kat first met online, they weren’t looking for love – they were looking for like-minded spiritual seekers. First spying the other’s profile on MeetUp, a popular site for posting meetings and discussion groups, Sean and Kat paid little attention to the profile content. What did excite them: a discussion about shamanism. They independently decided to attend the MeetUp, and their lives would change forever.

Andrea and Tony, on the other hand, had both been seeking a soul mate for ages. They joined dating sites like Free Dating America and Match in order to find the perfect mate, but hadn’t had a lot of success out of the gate. Andrea, in fact, was almost ready to throw in the towel. Thankfully, she gave one more guy a shot, and wedding bells are now ringing in her ears.

Kat and Sean: A Dating Drive-By

Kat tells the story of when she first met her husband with a highly amused smile. “We had no intentions of finding a soul mate that night. We just wanted to talk about spirituality. “When she showed up for the meeting at the Las Vegas Sahara library that evening, she couldn’t help but notice the attractive, bespectacled gentleman pacing around and taking in the paintings. Sean had eyed her, too, and was the first to approach.

“I had seen Kat’s profile on Meetup. Yeah, I’ll admit I thought she was cute. In person, she was a vision. I had to say hello.” Hello led to hanging out, which quickly led to multiple dates, and a marriage on Halloween with the most colourful wedding party imaginable.
Kat, an online producer who even worked for powerhouse site JDate, gives thanks to the digital world daily for bringing together her dream union.

“It’s funny, I had given up on finding love online,” she stated. ‘Even though I told everyone I knew it was the perfect place to fall in love. I just figured I was destined to be disappointed. I guess it’s true what they say – when you stop looking, love lands! I’m so grateful to have been an online junkie. It’s what led me to my husband.”

Andrea and Tony: The End of a Long Quest

Andrea, on the other hand, had spent 5 long years trying to find the right partner, but had only recently taken to online dating. She had been a breast cancer patient 5 years prior, and once she successfully beat the disease through surgery, she knew she had to work on rebuilding her self-esteem to find the man for her.

“I really focused on my own mental and physical health, while trying to meet people the traditional way,” she stated. “It didn’t work. I just couldn’t find a love connection. And I really didn’t want to try online dating; it seemed so bizarre, and not right for a 40-something like me. But I gave in and gave it a go.”

While things didn’t go well in the beginning, Andrea didn’t give up. Well, not quite.

“I was so close to throwing in the towel,” she laughed. “But then this guy Tony wrote me an email. He had a refreshingly honest profile; something about him felt so real and intriguing. I knew on our first date I had met HIM. The only question is, why the heck didn’t I jump on online dating years before? At least he was worth waiting for.”

The online dating space is indeed a world where truly connected, love-filled unions happen daily. If you’ve been on the fence or just don’t think it will work for you, let these inspiring stories keep you on the quest. There is someone out there for everyone, and the online world is the perfect place to meet.

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