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Our blog combines the heart, soul and community of Toyboy Warehouse into one voice that is unafraid to speak out and challenge the dating status quo. It is a climax of ideas coming both directly from Toyboy Warehouse and from the talented and unique perspectives of our guest bloggers, many of whom are also members of the site. A blog with a mission, Toyboy Warehouse is committed to empowering the individual, to breaking stigma and changing the way people view age gap relationships. We cover matters of the heart, the funny, the controversial, provocative and sexual but never the dull and boring.

What sets the ToyBoy Warehouse Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

Toyboy Warehouse does not simply regurgitate dating clichés, but takes a fresh look at the reality of dating. We share the type of knowledge that is only available to a community like ours but maintain the personality of an individual. Our site isn’t limited to just one style of blog either: it encompasses advice, confessions, poetry, news, reviews, stories and more. It is committed to making a change in its niche and beyond.

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