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Mature, Single, and in THE City?

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The centre of the British Empire, home to millions, a cultural melting pot of activity and history, city life in London is fast-paced, exciting and ever-changing. It is has everything you need within a tube ride away, and is one of the most historically significant metropolises in the world.

Quite easy to feel small and insignificant there right?

But it’s so easy to feel bigger and more significant. When you’re with someone important to you. Have you found that someone yet?

London is full of the young go-getters. Those Dick Whittingtons who believed the streets are paved with gold. But then they arrived (with a bewildered cat with over-large footwear), and became jaded that their expectations didn’t quite live up to the fantasy they had concocted in their head.

For those of us who know and appreciate London, it’s all become second nature. The gold is there, you just need to find it, and anything handed to you is worth nothing of value. That’s why it’s so important to work for what you want.
It’s so very easy to become lost in the crowd. With the population of London being what it is, travelling anywhere you become just another statistic, glanced over by your fellow commuters. But at Mature London Singles, you can become more than just a statistic, more than just a face in the crowd. There, you have the chance to show you are the diamond in the rough that not even Dick Whittington could have dreamed of picking up.

It’s all relative being rich and successful, but if you’ve got no-one to share it with, does it really count? If not, then this isn’t the site for you and you’re not even reading this. But for those of you who are reading this, it’s a big lonely world out there.

But don’t forget you’re not the only one.

Written by Daniel Lavey