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Mature Dating and Online Profiles


Mature dating is hard. There is always the pressure of finding the one, the biological clock ticking in your ear and the loneliness that some people feel every day. The new era of dating we have reached is 2013 online dating. The way to show yourself to the world like an advertisement, along with you looking through advertisements yourself. It is the way to meet people based on their personality and their interests, their profile picture also helps! How do you make an efficient online dating profile if you are of the mature variety? Here are some tips to get you started.

Mature Dating and Profile Pictures

Your picture is the first point of call for all visitors on your profile and everyone knows that first impressions count. So how do you make sure they like your mature dating profile? Easy, wear something red and flattering. It has been proven that men are attracted to the colour red, so put on a nice red dress and show a bit of cleavage. You are guaranteed to get people messaging you.

Mature Dating and the ‘About’ Section

The ‘about’ section is the next bit that people go to. It is the thing that tells people who you are, what you do, what you like and who you are looking for. It is also a way for someone to decide if you are compatible or not. How do you make it interesting to read? How do you make sure people message you? Be interesting. Write what you like to do, but don’t make it the same as everyone else. Everyone likes watching television and reading books. Think of other things like your gym classes, cooking classes or maybe you just like running across the beach.

Mature Dating and Negativity

We have all done it. We have all thought that our legs are too fat or maybe our hips are too wide. You can think it, just don’t put it on your profile. Your profile is a place of positivity and romance, not for your dirty laundry to be waved around.

Written by Amyrose, The Artistic Journalist