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A little about Datelicious

We tell you where to meet them and how to keep them – simple!

What sets the Datelicious Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

We cover the whole relationship journey – from where to meet someone through our reviews and provide articles and training on how to keep them once they have met their partners

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A little about DateinaDash

DateinaDash is London’s number 1 speed dating event service with (not so far off) aspirations of being the best in the whole United Kingdom. Founded in 2011. If you are looking for a great night out and you live in London give them a shout.

What sets the DateinaDash Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

DateinaDash was set up because of the founders poor experiences with other speed dating events. The blog is no different. Only high quality articles are published making this a must read for anyone in the dating world.

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ToyBoy Warehouse

Toyboy Warehouse

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http://toyboywarehouse.comToyboy Warehouse

A little about ToyBoy Warehouse

Our blog combines the heart, soul and community of Toyboy Warehouse into one voice that is unafraid to speak out and challenge the dating status quo. It is a climax of ideas coming both directly from Toyboy Warehouse and from the talented and unique perspectives of our guest bloggers, many of whom are also members of the site. A blog with a mission, Toyboy Warehouse is committed to empowering the individual, to breaking stigma and changing the way people view age gap relationships. We cover matters of the heart, the funny, the controversial, provocative and sexual but never the dull and boring.

What sets the ToyBoy Warehouse Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

Toyboy Warehouse does not simply regurgitate dating clichés, but takes a fresh look at the reality of dating. We share the type of knowledge that is only available to a community like ours but maintain the personality of an individual. Our site isn’t limited to just one style of blog either: it encompasses advice, confessions, poetry, news, reviews, stories and more. It is committed to making a change in its niche and beyond.

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ToyBoy Warehouse

30 Dates

30 Dates

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A little about 30 Dates

30 Dates was completely unplanned. I got messed around by a guy in July 2013, and posted a Facebook status suggesting my friends find me 30 blind dates in the 3 months before my 30th birthday. I just wanted to remind myself how much fun dating could be – turns out I reminded people all around the world! 30 Dates has grown into a global community of daters, all sharing their stories and experiences. The blog is a mix of dating tales, dating and relationship advice, and reviews of dating sites, singles events and dating venues.

What sets the 30 Dates Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

The great thing about 30 Dates is that it’s become a community. People from all backgrounds, parts of the world and sexual orientations share their stories and views on dating, relationships and sex, so that there’s advice applicable to anyone and everyone.  We’re all honest and candid about our experiences and opinions, and it can really help to know other people out there face the same challenges and problems. 30 Dates has completely changed my own attitude to being single, and helped change other people’s too.

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30 Dates

You Can Be That Girl

You Can Be That Girl

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A little about You Can Be That Girl

A place for anyone who wants to read and talk about confidence, self-esteem, being approachable, dating, relationships, and/or being single .

What sets the You Can Be That Girl Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

As a 29 year old woman who has dealt with confidence and relationships issues my entire life, had my heart broken, broken hearts, and been single for 3 three years, I share my experiences in a fresh and relatable way. I will also answer any question and have several emailing friendships with readers.

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Blind Cupids

Blind Cupids

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A little about Blind Cupids

Blind Cupids is a Niche Blog that focuses on interracial dating issues.

What sets the Blind Cupids Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

We educate our readers by offering a balanced perspective and we try to back up our posts with facts to illustrate the points we make. Some dating sites and blogs don’t really do that. Also, we really do try to be the biggest proponents of interracial dating on the web. We celebrate diversity and look at interracial dating across the board rather than focusing on certain pairings (e.g., black man/white woman etc.). Plus, we’re just really cool and stuff!

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Dawn Maslar

Dawn Maslar

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A little about Dawn Maslar

I write about the science of love and include informative but fun videos.

What sets the Dawn Maslar Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

It’s based on peer-reviewed research. Everything I talk about is backed-up by studies.

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Inbox Me


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A little about Inbox Me

The unique thing about the Inbox Me blog is that it’s written by our resident blogger Juicy Lucy, a young lady with a intelligent and fun sense of humour, putting her own singleton female twist on popular subjects, Lucy replies to all comments that are left as she is also a member on inboxme.

What sets the Inbox Me Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

We at inboxme believe love is found in unexpected places. Our philosophy is not to have pages of forms to fill in asking you to match your pefect partner, we don’t want the computer to match you based on tick boxes, that’s why we actively encourage you to inbox members. Love know’s no boundaries such as age, occupation, hair colour etc, its all about chemistry and that special spark! What you think you are looking for, may not be who actually sets your heart racing. inboxme have worked hard to achieve a better experience for online dating. we have no 3rd party advertising, no spamming and no auto-renew, so our members can just enjoy the inboxme experience

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Cupid Cronies

Cupid Cronies

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A little about Cupid Cronies

We are an elite matchmaking company and we keep a lot of resources on our site. 1st quarter we will begin posting videos or our CEO April Davis interviewing other matchmakers and a lot of fun content.

What sets the Cupid Cronies Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

We cater to men and we deal with a “distinguished” clientele who are looking for long term connections.

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Best Worst Date

Best Worst Date Home Page

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A little about Best Worst Date

Bitter and Sweet, that is what dating is all about. Hopefully your experience is more on the sweeter side, but for me most dates have left a funny taste in my mouth. What I have come to realize is that these stories, both good and bad, are fun to share: they can be cathartic, they can be a good laugh after a bad night out, hope if we need it… BestWorstDate is your outlet to share and enjoy each other’s stories.

What sets the Best Worst Date Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

It’s is a collection for dating stories, as well as an outlet for sharing – we’re all in this together.

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