We’re pleased to announce the winners of 2013

Best Dating Blog

1st Place – Single Dating Diva

2nd Place – Kelsey Foster

3rd Place – A Wise Girl

Best Dating Book

1st Place – Love is Only Blind if You Are

2nd Place – Kill Me Now

3rd Place – It’s Got to be Perfect

Best Dating Newcomer

1st Place – The Single Wives Club

2nd Place – Renegade Chicks

3rd Place – Sex and London City

Best Niche Site

1st Place – Rules Dream Girl

2nd Place – Profile Wingman

3rd Place – Relation Shits

Best Vlog

1st Place – Tripp Advice

2nd Place – Understand Men Now

3rd Place – Dating with Dignity

Best Adult Blog

1st – You’re Just a Dumbass

2nd – Drunky Single

3rd – Boston Single Girl

Best Dating Podcast

1st – Essentially Angela

2nd – Dates with Kate

3rd – Understand Men Now