Chinese Signs of Dating


Did you know the Chinese sign of the Monkey is most compatible with the Dragon and the Rat?

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Find yourself, then find your perfect partner. For centuries, the Chinese have used their ancient astrologicalromeo knowledge to guide them in choosing their partner.

Each of the twelve animal signs represents one of the twelve earth branches of the relationship tree. Understanding your own sign will show how your sign relates to other signs and will enable you to understand your own relationships and the reasons why some people are more likely to be compatible than others.

We can help to open your eyes to life’s possibilities, and help you make the right assessments of the people you meet. It could be the key to your future happiness.

We don’t want to find you dates, we want to find you your perfect partner.

The team at romeo4juliet want to offer the dating world something new, different, and exciting. As you may be aware there are many different dating sites, from the niche to the mainstream, but they all have something in common: people in search of a partner. The romeo4juliet system and website are designed by people who have looked for their partner online before, and have used many dating sites.

We want to give you a different perspective on dating through the centuries-old tradition of the Chinese signs in a detailed analysis that provide amazing insights into human interaction. We look at each Chinese sign in turn, discussing the character traits of people born under it and describing their functioning in various types of relationships.

We don’t want to find you dates, we want to find you your perfect partner.

What Chinese Sign are you?

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