Great Dating Blogs

LifeBytes, Real Stories


Site Name: LifeBytes


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A little about Lifebytes

Lifebytes, Real Stories is focused on gathering the very best stories from singles across the planet. Lifebytes has stories from the U.S. and overseas…and they are amazing. Love stories, scary stories of bad choices, stories of frustration, of wondering if love will EVER happen, hopeful stories of never giving up the search because “the one” is out there somewhere.

What sets Lifebytes apart from all the other dating blogs?

Two fantastic writers take you on a great journey so with two dating voices and one blog it delivers double the entertainment.

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Cupid’s Laboratory

Cupid's Laboratory


Site Name: Cupid’s Laboratory


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A little about Cupid’s Laboratory

Cupid’s Laboratory’s mission is to help coach midlife chicks in creating a riveting online dating presence.

What sets Cupid’s Laboratory apart from all the other dating blogs?

Gina and Cupid’s Laboratory is a very fresh and imaginative approach which really does help women set up their dating game.

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Dirty In Public

Dirty In Public

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A little about Dirty In Public

Geekalicious NorCal Betty masquerading opinions about dating,sex & relationships as fact through dirty talk & wicked rants. Dirty’s mission is to promote Living Life “Beyond the Four Walls” of everyday.

What sets Dirty In Public apart from all the other dating blogs?

Dirty In Public combines wit, wisdom, and a splash of audacity to shatter outdated perceptions, stimulate conversations, and ignite relationships between the sexes

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Anonymously Dating in Dallas


Site Name: Anonymously Dating in Dallas


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A little about Anonymously Dating in Dallas

Addie has been writing about her dates, as well as others’, in Dallas since the beginning of 2012. No one does it better than Dallas right? She also is featured on Singles Warehouse as a #SWEXPERT.

What sets Anonymously Dating in Dallas apart from all the other dating blogs?

It’s honest, transparent, classy and 100% anonymous. Which means Addie can tell all the good stories.

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The Dating Advice Girl



Site Name: The Dating Advice Girl


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A little about The Dating Advice Girl

The Dating Advice Girl was set up to help singles have fun and get the most out of their single lives without losing themselves in the dating process.

What sets The Dating Advice Girl apart from all the other dating blogs?

Definitely the celebrity dating interviews. The Dating Advice Girl blog is informative with advice and dating tips from the one and only Dating Advice Girl as well as advice from other relationship experts and it really is packed full with fun  celeb interviews talking about their perspectives on dating and relationships.

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Kill Me Now!



Site Name: Kill Me Now

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Twitter: 310 Followers

A little about Kill Me Now

Kill Me Now wants people to enjoy dating no matter how painful it may be. You will never find your soulmate by sitting at home. The writer, Lawrence hopes you’ll buy his book and see the escapades that he encountered.

What sets Kill Me Now apart from all the other dating blogs?

This is one of the funniest dating blogs you’ll read. So If you want to read about dating and laugh, then you will want to read this blog. However if you don’t want to laugh, then skip over this one.

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Single Dating Diva


Site Name: Single Dating Diva

Site URL:

Facebook: 505 Followers

Twitter: 7600 Followers

A little about Single Dating Diva

SingleDatingDiva is all about sharing her dating misadventures with the world. Single Dating Diva showcases the many adventures we all have while dating and how challenging, but also exciting dating really is!  Single Dating Diva is the winner of our 2012 & 2013 “Best Dating Blog Award”.  She has also been named on of the top dating experts along side other big names in the industry.

What sets Single Dating Diva apart from all the other dating blogs?

Single Dating Diva shares her dating stories as well as those of others. With experience comes wisdom and she also shares some lessons learned along the way. She not only shares her own stories, but helps others feel they are not alone in their challenging quest to find the right person for them.  Her blog is relatable and she is very approachable.  Because she loves interacting with her readers, she generates some great comments, discussion and controversy on her blog.

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Singles Warehouse


Site Name: Singles Warehouse

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Facebook: 4544 Followers

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A little about Singles Warehouse

Singles Warehouse has been providing great dating advice and stories from singletons since 2010. Its a collaboration of work made by the famous #SWEXPERTS which covers everything from Sex on a first date to relationship advice during the early stages of dating.

What sets Singles Warehouse apart from all the other dating blogs?

Singles Warehouse isn’t just a blog, its a community of dating experts that really cover every field. With vlogs, written articles and even shared content this is a one stop shop for everything you need when dating.

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