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Ambiance Matchmaking

Ambiance Matchmaking

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A little about The Things I Learned From

Our matchmaking firm’s blog aims to provide insight into love, dating, and relationships through real-life stories and scientific evidence.

What sets the The Things I Learned From apart from all the other dating blogs?

Our blog is written by professional matchmakers and dating/life coaches. We take our profession very seriously and only strive to provide clients (and non-clients) with the best knowledge available.

The Three Month Date Challenge

The 3 Month Date Challenge

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A little about The Three Month Date Challenge

‘Hurry up and find a man’. So we are! Dating tales from 30+ single gals who challenge themselves to go on the number of dates equal to their age in 3 months!

What sets the The Three Month Date Challenge apart from all the other dating blogs?

It’s a hilarious and insightful look into the female mind – especially the mind of an accomplished, smart 30 something single woman, living in a big city.

30 Ever After

30 Ever After

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A little about 30 Ever After

To entertain and inspire 30 something singles to live and love through dating, relationships, breakups and everything in between.

What sets the 30 Ever After apart from all the other dating blogs?

The 30 Ever After blog offers insights from both men and women. It’s actually a dialogue on dating between men and women. They have both female and male contributors so readers will always get a balanced perspective on a topic. The insights from the guy’s panel is honest, genuine and refreshing. They all have different opinions so it”s quite entertaining.

A Terrible Husband


A Terrible Husband

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A little about A Terrible Husband

How to have an awesome relationship by working on the little things that make each day better. I almost screwed my marriage up by focusing on the big things and thinking the little things would fall in place.

What sets the A Terrible Husband apart from all the other dating blogs?

It’s told as a confessional, but with humor and personality. I talk about little, simple things that can have a big impact.”


Melanys Guydlines

Melanys Guydlines

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A little about Melanys Guydlines

All snark, all true. Nine lives worth of short stories, advice & raw judgement on friendships, relationships & everything in between. I write about being young, single and working (unknowingly) as a flytrap for ALL the stupid people in the world.

What sets the Melanys Guydlines apart from all the other dating blogs?

These are all true stories and have all happened to me. I say what people are too afraid to say. Snarky and real.

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The Mingle Master

The Mingle Master

The Mingle Master

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A little about The Mingle Master

The Mingle Master teaches and studies the arts of social skills and dating.  It’s dedicated to helping people improve their lives.

What sets the The Mingle Master blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

So many dating sites are about how to pick up women, or how to get them into bed.  I offer advice for mingling in a civilized way.  How to do it and still have self respect.  I have come up with a list of 101 social skills and dating tips and I am blogging on them one at a time.

Smooching Frogs

Smooching Frogs

Smooching FrogsSmooching Frogs

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A little about Smooching Frogs

Smooching Frogs mission is to connect and inform women who are waiting for their happily ever after, but can’t seem to find Prince Charming. I want them to find humor and inspiration to help them through the rough times.

What sets the Smooching Frogs blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

It’s got some hilarious stories, excellent writing and overall lighthearted feel. It is informative without being overbearing or condescending. Most importantly, it puts a smile on the faces of its readers and leaves them hopeful that their prince is out there.


Dating Diary of a City Girl


The Dating Diary of a City Girl

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A little about The Dating Diary of a City Girldiaryofa

Diary of a Dating Girl aims to give people my point of view on dating and give lessons through my mistakes and my stories. It’s kept light with humor and casual language and it’s  mission is to give answers to many questions that come up when dating, e.g. “Can you be friends with an ex?”

What sets the The Diary of a Dating Girl blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

It is a different point of view on dating through the eyes of a new city girl, it is quite funny, sometimes more serious, it’s easy and interesting to read and always gives something new to the reader. Also the blog deals with many problems that girls face when dating, for example questions like “Can you fall in love with two people at the same time?”

Desert Dates


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Desert Dates

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A little about Desert Dates

Desert Dates is a blog full of stories about ridiculous relations in remote places. Desert Dates tells of blind dates, online dates, speed dates and almost always bizarre dates. There’s a date with someone’s mother, fantasies about  breakdancing Mormons, loving a Lao puppeteer in a rice field and canoodling a carpenter in his Magic Bus. If you’ve ever been told to get back on the horse, or that there are plenty more fish in the sea – this is a blog for you and all horseriding fisherwoman who refuse to give up!

What sets the Desert Dates blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

Desert Dates takes you to far flung small towns in the middle of the exotic Australian outback, told from the unique perspective of a rare being – a desert dwelling single female. With insights into daily outback life, these short stories shine a light on the struggles (and successes) of small town dating. It’s like ‘Crocodile Dundee’ without the crocs, a kind of ‘Mad Max’ meets ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ mash up. The desert might be a sparse manscape, but the stories are plentiful and hilarious.


It’s Got To Be Perfect


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It’s Got To Be Perfect

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A little about It’s Got To Be Perfect

I set up and (recently sold the UK’s biggest matchmaking agency. I have since written a book inspired by everything I leaned. I blog about dating and relationships and the modern-day daters’s quest for perfection.

What sets the It’s Got To Be Perfect blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

I have years of experience to draw from and my blog is a humorous observation of our fantasy ideals.

It's Got To Be Perfect