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A little about oolalove

oolalove is Cosmo meets The Onion; a satirical take on those women’s advice mags we’ve all come to love and hate.

What sets the oolalove Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

The motto of oolalove is, if you want great advice, you’ve come to the wrong place. Our content is full of dry humor, and puts a spotlight on some of the truly horrible advice that’s out there.

Best Article: Get Him To Propose – turning booty calls into wedding proposals.


Bella and Darcy

Bella and Darcy

Bella and Darcy

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A little about Bella and Darcy

The Bella and Darcy blog is an online community for women discussing love, life , dating and relationships in the modern world. Think Bridget Jones meets Carrie Bradshaw. Lots of support , laughter and practical advice.

What sets the Bella and Darcy Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

It’s funny, relevant and original – three things that are hard to find on the internet!

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Love and Life Blog

Love and Life

Love and Life

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A little about Love and Life Blog

The Love and Life blog shares insightful and humorous blog posts about dating, love and life. Simple.

What sets the Love and Life Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

Love and Life Blog is personal.  Sharing dating experiences to ignite conversations about dating and relationships.



Kissing 100 Frogs

kissing 100 Frogs

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A little about Kissing 100 Frogs

It started out as a bet with my dad to go on 100 dates in one year to find my Prince Charming. It’s turning into a real voyage of discovery, from finding out about the world of BDSM, to realising what turns me on. Each post is a review of a date I’ve had, the outcome and maybe a few meandering thoughts about dating in general. Always light-hearted and completely honest, I pass on my experiences so that others can learn or laugh at them – generally it’s laugh.

What sets the Kissing 100 Frogs blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

I could say it’s the fact that I’ve set myself the Herculean task of going on 100 dates in a year, but I’d say it’s my unique point of view and my writing style that sets my site apart in what is becoming a crowded genre.

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Apply Within

Apply Within

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A little about Apply Within

I’m a creative, single always outspoken thirty something. I live in New Zealand, In our largest city, Auckland. When two of my best friends became single we realised we knew more, happily single females than married pairs on the real life tour. I was telling stories of random peculiar hilariously funny man moment, sex- travesty’s, and a beautiful successful women turned to me and said “DAMN I’m so glad this isn’t just happening to me” Her confidence picked up – and I told a guy in the bar he should take her home, which he did but that is a story for the archives. Helping get my friends laid since 2010. Being that I like a tipple (and can handle far too much for my size) not bad on the eye and I talk well before I can have a chance to think. I get myself in some very peculiar situations. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What sets the Apply Within blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

I live in New Zealand, and we are suffering from a man drought. 45% – 55% between the ages of 25-40 which is more saturated in the major cities. It’s like a Boxing day sale fight for a guy down here.

Apply Within

1000 Single Days

1000 Single Days

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A little about 1000 Single Days

On June 7th, 2012 I took a pledge to be single and celibate for 1000 days. I was 28 at the time, already divorced and had just emerged from another very toxic relationship and wanted to take some time out of the dating game to re-discover who I was. The blog narrates how being single and celibate changed who I was and communicates the revelations I’ve had about my life and my struggles. It celebrates the liberty that being single by choice brings as well as how important it is to use the time you have at the end of a failed relationship to discover who you are.

What sets the 1000 Single Days blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

With over 9,000 subscribers worldwide, it is strange that this blog has been so successful as It is almost the opposite to a dating site! As I have pledged not to date, enter a relationship and remain celibate for 1000 days (which is 2.7 years) I promote the principal that if you continually find yourself in mediocre, unhealthy or just plain boring relationships, the common denominator in every single failed relationship was… YOU and therefore the best course of action you can take to prevent further dull, unhealthy relationships is to take some time to be single and learn about who you are and create in yourself an interesting, strong person with healthy boundaries so that you attack others with the same qualities. I don’t expect that others should take such an extreme vow to be single and celibate for 1000 days but I chose such an extended time to show that valuing and using the time you are single can change your life. I am now 601 days in.

Impress Me Please

Impress Me Please

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A little about Impress Me Please

Impress Me Please is a blog about a woman in her thirties who shares her personal, revealing, stories about love, sex, and dating and along the way offers some practical, honest advice.

What sets the Impress Me Please blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

It is very personal, easy to relate to and offers practical advice that men and women in the dating/love/relationship world seek out.

MiddleAged Love

MiddleAged Love

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A little about MiddleAged Love

Our mission is to open an intelligent, thoughtful dialogue about sex, love, relationships and related matters, especially for those of us who are in our middle years.

What sets the MiddleAged Love apart from all the other dating blogs?

MiddleAged Love consistently gets open feedback where people share intimate stories with me. This is a great blessing, and shows that my writing frees people to be honest, even when their story is not a popular one.

Happily Divorced and After

Happily Divorced

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A little about Happily Divorced and After

To share my experiences and insights on dating, relationships, coping with separation, break ups and divorce from a perspective of a divorcee through her journey post-marriage. I provide insights on trending news and celebrity gossip as it relates to dating, marriages and relationships with a sense of realism and comic-relief.

What sets the Happily Divorced and After apart from all the other dating blogs?

It is eye-catching and the articles are entertaining and thought-provoking


React Mobile

React Mobile Home Page

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A little about React Mobile

We offer helpful safety tips for women, families, runners, as well as safe dating tips.

What sets the The React Mobile site apart from all the other dating blogs?

We offer a free safety app that allows users to share their location in real-time whenever they’re concerned for their safety. Our app also has a one touch panic button that prompt the user to alert the authorities and sends an SOS panic alert with a link to your location to self-selected contacts via email, text message, and optionally an alert message can be posted to Facebook and Twitter. This app is free to download on iPhone and Android.