Kill Me Now


I was watching the movie named “Switched” where Jason Bateman falls for his best friend Jennifer Anniston and they lived happily ever after. Frankly if Jennifer fell for me, we would also live happily ever after.┬áThe movie did get me thinking, is this scenario really possible?

My good friend, Tabitha in my book, Kill Me Now, is a real cutie. I had thought about getting together with her and she said, “No!” I asked her why and she said, “Lawrence, we have known one another for over a decade and we are great friends. It quite possibly may work between us and then again it may not. What happens if we do not work out. I would rather have you as a great friend than not be around you.” She has a point. She is right, it is not that I had romantic feelings but thought maybe we should give it a try. But why can we not be friends with benefits?

My brother did date someone who was his friend and married her. They are really happy together! So maybe it is not a myth.

How easy is it to fall in love with your friend of the other sex? It probably is very easy. The real difference between a friend and a girlfriend, is the kiss meaning sex. There really is a thin line here. Maybe your friend comes over to you and pours her heart out about her last date and you realize you are jealous.

When you fall in love with a friend, you are often too afraid to act on it. The fear of being rejected and subsequently losing the friendship seems like too much of a price to pay. This is what my Tabetha thought.

I acted on my feelings twice and in both cases lost my friendships. In both cases the girls were surprised, if not shocked and they backed away and subsequently we lost contact. Pity!

So what do you do?