Igniting the Lost Passion: How to Get Your Partner to Fall for You All Over Again

How a Little Effort Can Reap Relationship Rewards

If you are worried that your relationship has lost that all important spark, what can you do? Follow our guide, of course!

Sometimes relationships can lose steam. The affection and respect may still be there, but the excitement disappears. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together the best ways to inject that all important magic back into your relationship again. So are you listening? Good!

Dressing up

Dressing up is a great way to turn your partner’s head. After a few years of being together, it’s easy to sit around in your tracksuit with no makeup on, and only make an effort when you really have to. We’ve all done it, but complacency is not going to reignite those flames of passion. So try to smarten up occasionally. We’re not talking a designer wardrobe overhaul, just making a little bit of an effort. Try a sexy, form flattering dress with some killer heels and some red lipstick. Or maybe some seriously sexy underwear or a risqué dressing up outfit. Those last two are strictly for the bedroom, but there’s no reason not to make an effort outside of it.

Make some time for each other

Making time for each other is another great way of getting your partner interested again. We’re all guilty of falling into a boring routine of work, a little play and sleep. This leaves little time to spare, we know. Making this kind of effort will be worth it though! When your partner realises that you’ve set aside time especially for them, they will be thrilled. Take the time every week to indulge in a date night, or maybe even a cosy evening indoors. Whatever you get up to, make sure that mobile phones are off, diaries are clear and that you are totally focused on each other.

Be spontaneous

Another way of rekindling the flame of passion is to be spontaneous. Your love life is probably stuck in a rut, but with a little unpredictability, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of each other! Whether it is a night in a hotel or you deciding to call the babysitter this Saturday, spontaneity is the secret to a relationship that feels fresh rather than stale.

Talk it through

Your relationship may be suffering because you and your partner simply do not communicate. Talking is essential, and telling your partner just how much you love them is sure to go down well. There’s a little test you can do to see how appreciated your partner may feel. When was the last time you thanked them for either working hard, or when they made your day that little bit easier by being kind? Of course, there are other ways to show your appreciation, but we’ll leave that to you…

Fall for each other all over again

Hopefully, by reading this guide, you’ve realised where you’ve been slipping up. A relationship is a two way effort, of course, but once one partner begins to make more of an effort, the other often follows suit. Couples are often so wrapped up in their working lives that they have little or even no time for each other, leading to rows and bad feeling on both sides. By putting in a little hard work, you’ll be like love-struck teenagers all over again!

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True Stories of Online Love: Two Couples Share Their Digital Journeys


When Sean and Kat first met online, they weren’t looking for love – they were looking for like-minded spiritual seekers. First spying the other’s profile on MeetUp, a popular site for posting meetings and discussion groups, Sean and Kat paid little attention to the profile content. What did excite them: a discussion about shamanism. They independently decided to attend the MeetUp, and their lives would change forever.

Andrea and Tony, on the other hand, had both been seeking a soul mate for ages. They joined dating sites like Free Dating America and Match in order to find the perfect mate, but hadn’t had a lot of success out of the gate. Andrea, in fact, was almost ready to throw in the towel. Thankfully, she gave one more guy a shot, and wedding bells are now ringing in her ears.

Kat and Sean: A Dating Drive-By

Kat tells the story of when she first met her husband with a highly amused smile. “We had no intentions of finding a soul mate that night. We just wanted to talk about spirituality. “When she showed up for the meeting at the Las Vegas Sahara library that evening, she couldn’t help but notice the attractive, bespectacled gentleman pacing around and taking in the paintings. Sean had eyed her, too, and was the first to approach.

“I had seen Kat’s profile on Meetup. Yeah, I’ll admit I thought she was cute. In person, she was a vision. I had to say hello.” Hello led to hanging out, which quickly led to multiple dates, and a marriage on Halloween with the most colourful wedding party imaginable.
Kat, an online producer who even worked for powerhouse site JDate, gives thanks to the digital world daily for bringing together her dream union.

“It’s funny, I had given up on finding love online,” she stated. ‘Even though I told everyone I knew it was the perfect place to fall in love. I just figured I was destined to be disappointed. I guess it’s true what they say – when you stop looking, love lands! I’m so grateful to have been an online junkie. It’s what led me to my husband.”

Andrea and Tony: The End of a Long Quest

Andrea, on the other hand, had spent 5 long years trying to find the right partner, but had only recently taken to online dating. She had been a breast cancer patient 5 years prior, and once she successfully beat the disease through surgery, she knew she had to work on rebuilding her self-esteem to find the man for her.

“I really focused on my own mental and physical health, while trying to meet people the traditional way,” she stated. “It didn’t work. I just couldn’t find a love connection. And I really didn’t want to try online dating; it seemed so bizarre, and not right for a 40-something like me. But I gave in and gave it a go.”

While things didn’t go well in the beginning, Andrea didn’t give up. Well, not quite.

“I was so close to throwing in the towel,” she laughed. “But then this guy Tony wrote me an email. He had a refreshingly honest profile; something about him felt so real and intriguing. I knew on our first date I had met HIM. The only question is, why the heck didn’t I jump on online dating years before? At least he was worth waiting for.”

The online dating space is indeed a world where truly connected, love-filled unions happen daily. If you’ve been on the fence or just don’t think it will work for you, let these inspiring stories keep you on the quest. There is someone out there for everyone, and the online world is the perfect place to meet.

How Today’s Online Daters Deal with Rejection

Distressed young woman
So it’s the twenty-first century and simply going up to talk to someone for hopes of a date are practically something of the past. As horrifying as traditional dating may have been it seems that society has found a new outlet that helps them avoid the horror of rejection. Online dating has become the norm rather than the exception in today’s dating space – a far cry from the perception cyber dating once represented.

Whether online or not, the potential for rejection is always looming. How do online daters handle rejection? Well in truth there are a couple of reactions and some aren’t too far from the traditional rejections. According to Emma Brown, a relationships expert representing matchmaking website Free Dating Australia, “rejection and online dating goes hand in hand, particularly for men. It’s a numbers game, a law of averages and sooner or later he will make it past first base. Seasoned online daters know this, they expect multiple rejections.”

For those less offay with this minefield, of course there is the denial reaction. Come on, you know which one I’m talking about. I’m talking about when there is that poor fellow or lady that just isn’t getting the hint that it was a fail. So instead of picking their chin up and keeping on they continue to persist. Need an example? In the old days this would look like someone continuing to call a guy or girl over a set of days ignoring the fact that every attempt rolls to voice mail. They leave those long awkward messages that make the receiver feel like they’re wearing a turtle neck in the ocean. Most just wait until the hint is received but there are those “code-red” situations where they have to be let known that the offer has been passed up.

Online isn’t much different. You look at a profile, you like, and you might even share a few messages. Instead of an awkward dinner where there is no chemistry and nothing to talk about, the online messages look like a pillar of one way messages as the other is just giving one word answers. Again, the message isn’t be received. Eventually the other person stops responding completely but the insister has convinced themselves that “maybe they haven’t gotten it yet” or “they’re just busy.” For god only knows why, instead of waiting it out they insist on more messages which usually result in getting blocked.
That’s not the only way online dating looks like the old days. Take another trip down memory lane and look to those days when there would be that friend of yours recently rejected so they took it upon themselves to maybe change their hair, get a gym membership, buy some new clothes, or even insist on a promiscuous phase! This is called the “make-over” reaction. And no, it’s not any different today I’m afraid.

You see, instead of doing all of these things in real life, online daters will do it via their profiles. They’re just not getting enough hits or they’re just not getting turned down left and right. The makeover reaction works by spicing up those profile pictures. Maybe instead of that night at the birthday party they’ll switch to last summer at the beach in a two piece. Don’t worry, gentleman will try and find a shot that shows off those muscles just the same. The online promiscuous phase just looks something like being more open to being flirty since the “nice” approach didn’t seem to be working out. Filled with great opening lines and trying to get across an air of nonchalant is what will usually dominate this form of the “make-over.”

If you think online dating is the silver bullet that will put an end to your romance rut you’re going in with the wrong approach. Take a look at this article by a leading psychotherapist outlining the mental damage and depression many face as a result of online dating not living up to the hype that draws so many in.

At the end of the day rejection is hard. Whether it’s in person or behind a computer screen. Sad to say such a cheesy thing, but the truth is rejection happens! Sometimes someone just isn’t for you and you’re not for them. Patience in the long run and being yourself should not only be your handling of rejection but you’re opening plan as well.

Five Ways to Re-ignite Your Long-Term Relationship

Sexy Girl Reading

Now that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, love and relationships may be on your mind more than at any other point in the year. This is only natural; after all, a big deal is usually made by retailers about finding your partner the perfect present and treating them to something special. However, what if this is something that you and your partner used to enjoy, but now you feel as though the whole occasion is slipping away from you?

It’s hard to face Valentine’s Day if you remember the good old days of your relationship, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be this way. It takes two people to work at a long term relationship to make sure that it doesn’t go stale, but it might be up to you to find ways to re-ignite it. Think about all of the things you could lose if you didn’t take the first step; you will quickly realise that it makes sense to be brave and take the plunge.

So use Valentine’s Day as your platform to re-ignite your relationship. Here are just a few hints and tips about how you could do it…

Learn something new togetherSexy Girl Reading

You can form a special bond when learning a new skill or art as you will both be helping each other to achieve something. Whether you try something brave such as rock climbing, or even something more emotionally centred such as poetry, you can begin to appreciate your partner on a whole new level. Attending a class will also give you more reasons to leave the stresses of the family home on a more regular basis.

Let your hair down more often

Studying can be pretty serious stuff, so make sure you pick a few activities that will bring a smile to your face. Many couples like to give dancing classes a go as it means they will be able to attend socials with other likeminded people. You will be able to find details of local salsa or ballroom dance classes online, as well as at your nearest community centre.

Spice things up in the bedroom

If your activities in the bedroom have dried up, it might be worth having a look at a website such as Simply Pleasure so you can get your hands on the products that will help to give things a kick start. You will be able to try a range of toys, outfits and DVDs to find out what gives you and your partner a thrill. If you have kids, make sure to install a lock on your bedroom door so you can relax.

Create a special date night

Once you start to re-ignite your relationship, it is important to remember to keep it up. By creating a weekly or monthly date night, you can help to keep things fresh. It is important to dedicate a bit of time to your partner that nobody else will intrude on.

Learn to communicate better

Of course, it also makes sense to learn to communicate better with your partner. Have regular conversations without the distraction of the television or your mobile phones and make sure to discuss any issues that might affect you or them. This is a good opportunity to clear the air to make sure things don’t boil over at a later date.

A Quick Guide to Online Dating

Internet dating

When online dating sites were initially introduced to the dating scene, they were greeted with hesitancy and mockery. Many singles initially viewed internet dating as a tool for social misfits and other outcasts who have trouble meeting other singles in typical fashion. Today, however, the internet is inundated with sites offering up any type of relationship you’re seeking. Whether you’re looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with or just a warm body for the night, there is a dating site tailor-made to meet your wants.

Find Your Perfect MatchInternet dating

Though dating should be fun, it can seem like a chore for some, particularly when searching for a suitable, long-term companion. While many people still meet their future spouses during college, most people in their 20s and 30s are still on the prowl. Unlike previous generations, young adults don’t feel pressure to find a job and start a family as soon as they graduate from college, giving them the opportunity to explore themselves and the world. This also makes it more difficult for those who wish to settle down when they are ready. The emergence of online dating sites, however, makes meeting “the one” as simple as filling out a profile and answering a few questions. While there are sites for just about every type of dater and deal with a variety of fetishes, many require their members to go through lengthy subscription processes and some can be quite costly. For those who don’t mind shelling out money to meet their mate, sites like offer a range of packages with subscriptions lasting up to a year. If you’re on the fence about spending money on a paid membership to one of these sites, try a trial membership or explore some of the free sites first to test out the waters. Besides trying to help members find their ideal partner through matching, these sites also offer tools designed to enhance their dating skills. Whether you’re trying to decide what M&S dress to wear on a first date or when you should sleep with that special someone you’ve been seeing, most subscription-based dating sites provide their members with an array of dating tips and advice.

Specialty Dating Sites

Because you can find pretty much anything on the internet today, you have plenty of options when it comes to sites that are made to cater to your specific needs. From sites that connect those looking for a quick hook up to sites for singles of a certain religious or ethnic persuasion, the World Wide Web is teeming with niche dating sites. When it comes to sex-based or fetish sites, many of the popular mature sites like Adult Friendfinder make you pay to play, particularly if you’re a guy. Like traditional dating sites, these adult sites typically have members fill out questionnaires and create profiles that detail what they’re looking for. Those looking to fulfill certain sexual desires aren’t the only group with sites crafted to meet their needs—sites such as JDate or Christian Mingle, both religion-based sites, are popping up all over the internet. So no matter your pleasure, there’s guaranteed to be a dating site that can help you meet your soulmate.

Chinese Signs of Dating


Did you know the Chinese sign of the Monkey is most compatible with the Dragon and the Rat?

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Each of the twelve animal signs represents one of the twelve earth branches of the relationship tree. Understanding your own sign will show how your sign relates to other signs and will enable you to understand your own relationships and the reasons why some people are more likely to be compatible than others.

We can help to open your eyes to life’s possibilities, and help you make the right assessments of the people you meet. It could be the key to your future happiness.

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The team at romeo4juliet want to offer the dating world something new, different, and exciting. As you may be aware there are many different dating sites, from the niche to the mainstream, but they all have something in common: people in search of a partner. The romeo4juliet system and website are designed by people who have looked for their partner online before, and have used many dating sites.

We want to give you a different perspective on dating through the centuries-old tradition of the Chinese signs in a detailed analysis that provide amazing insights into human interaction. We look at each Chinese sign in turn, discussing the character traits of people born under it and describing their functioning in various types of relationships.

We don’t want to find you dates, we want to find you your perfect partner.

What Chinese Sign are you?

Mature, Single, and in THE City?

mature dating

The centre of the British Empire, home to millions, a cultural melting pot of activity and history, city life in London is fast-paced, exciting and ever-changing. It is has everything you need within a tube ride away, and is one of the most historically significant metropolises in the world.

Quite easy to feel small and insignificant there right?

But it’s so easy to feel bigger and more significant. When you’re with someone important to you. Have you found that someone yet?

London is full of the young go-getters. Those Dick Whittingtons who believed the streets are paved with gold. But then they arrived (with a bewildered cat with over-large footwear), and became jaded that their expectations didn’t quite live up to the fantasy they had concocted in their head.

For those of us who know and appreciate London, it’s all become second nature. The gold is there, you just need to find it, and anything handed to you is worth nothing of value. That’s why it’s so important to work for what you want.
It’s so very easy to become lost in the crowd. With the population of London being what it is, travelling anywhere you become just another statistic, glanced over by your fellow commuters. But at Mature London Singles, you can become more than just a statistic, more than just a face in the crowd. There, you have the chance to show you are the diamond in the rough that not even Dick Whittington could have dreamed of picking up.

It’s all relative being rich and successful, but if you’ve got no-one to share it with, does it really count? If not, then this isn’t the site for you and you’re not even reading this. But for those of you who are reading this, it’s a big lonely world out there.

But don’t forget you’re not the only one.

Written by Daniel Lavey

Mature, Single, and in the South-West?

mature dating usa

Beautiful countryside, serene landscapes, Cornwall is certainly the place to chill out and relax. It is the antithesis of city living, and shows the best of everything the country has to offer.

But sometimes that’s not always quite enough.

Sometimes, a sunset on the beach doubles in pleasure when there are two of you. Taking that walk over the roaming fields is so much more satisfying as a duet.

No I’m not talking about getting a dog…

Sure, there’s the surfing crowd, those that want to linger around the night clubs till gods-know’s-when-o’clock. But there are also the people there that are there for the more refined aspects of Cornwall. The incredible history that is embedded within its verdant fields, the culture that has developed from being at the foot of Britain.

But hell, it’s also a nice place to spend the golden years.

With a friendly and relaxed population, it’s no wonder Cornwall has become an excellent place to take an early retirement, or even a casual break for those tired of the hustle and bustle of inner city life. Things are taken down a peg and so much more chilled. So why can’t you be?

Never be afraid of being single anywhere. Even in the most remote parts of the world, you’d be surprised how many people there are exactly like you, often within a ten mile radius.

So there is no shame whatsoever in trying to find someone in whom to share the beauty of Cornwall with. With Mature Cornwall Singles, you may just find that special someone and you can probably take a dog with you too.

Share those walks over the beautiful countryside. Enjoy the locally sourced restaurants with seafood specialties.

Laugh at the idiots wiping out on surfboards whilst on the beach.

But most of all, find each other first.

Written by Daniel Lavey

Mature Dating and Online Profiles


Mature dating is hard. There is always the pressure of finding the one, the biological clock ticking in your ear and the loneliness that some people feel every day. The new era of dating we have reached is 2013 online dating. The way to show yourself to the world like an advertisement, along with you looking through advertisements yourself. It is the way to meet people based on their personality and their interests, their profile picture also helps! How do you make an efficient online dating profile if you are of the mature variety? Here are some tips to get you started.

Mature Dating and Profile Pictures

Your picture is the first point of call for all visitors on your profile and everyone knows that first impressions count. So how do you make sure they like your mature dating profile? Easy, wear something red and flattering. It has been proven that men are attracted to the colour red, so put on a nice red dress and show a bit of cleavage. You are guaranteed to get people messaging you.

Mature Dating and the ‘About’ Section

The ‘about’ section is the next bit that people go to. It is the thing that tells people who you are, what you do, what you like and who you are looking for. It is also a way for someone to decide if you are compatible or not. How do you make it interesting to read? How do you make sure people message you? Be interesting. Write what you like to do, but don’t make it the same as everyone else. Everyone likes watching television and reading books. Think of other things like your gym classes, cooking classes or maybe you just like running across the beach.

Mature Dating and Negativity

We have all done it. We have all thought that our legs are too fat or maybe our hips are too wide. You can think it, just don’t put it on your profile. Your profile is a place of positivity and romance, not for your dirty laundry to be waved around.

Written by Amyrose, The Artistic Journalist

Meet Singles in 2013

dating lady

New year, new time for meeting singles. There will be new events out, new people on dating websites, new everything! So here are a few to give you an idea.

Online Dating is the New Thing for Meeting Singles

Dating websites are the new thing. They are the new thing for meeting singles and the new thing for successful relationships. So, why not give it a go. You can have a picture, build a profile the works. What have you got to lose?

Night Clubs Are a No No

Meeting singles in 2013 will be a better experience for you if you don’t meet them in night clubs. Trust me, that is where sleaze balls hide, you don’t want to get involved with that. Try the nicer ways. It will be a more pleasant experience and you wont get hurt.

Singles Nights

The good old fashioned singles nights. The great way to meet singles in a safe environment in your local area. You can chat, have drinks and genuinely have a good time. So why not give it a go.

Don’t Have it as a New Years Resolution

This is something I learnt from reading a magazine. Don’t have things you want to achieve as a new years resolution. If you fail them you will feel very bad about yourself. Have them as new years goals. So, have meeting singles as new years goals. You could even take it as far as to meeting singles in different ways as a resolution. It will spice life up a lot.

Written by Amyrose, author of The Artistic Journalist.