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A little about 30 Dates

30 Dates was completely unplanned. I got messed around by a guy in July 2013, and posted a Facebook status suggesting my friends find me 30 blind dates in the 3 months before my 30th birthday. I just wanted to remind myself how much fun dating could be – turns out I reminded people all around the world! 30 Dates has grown into a global community of daters, all sharing their stories and experiences. The blog is a mix of dating tales, dating and relationship advice, and reviews of dating sites, singles events and dating venues.

What sets the 30 Dates Blog apart from all the other dating blogs?

The great thing about 30 Dates is that it’s become a community. People from all backgrounds, parts of the world and sexual orientations share their stories and views on dating, relationships and sex, so that there’s advice applicable to anyone and everyone.  We’re all honest and candid about our experiences and opinions, and it can really help to know other people out there face the same challenges and problems. 30 Dates has completely changed my own attitude to being single, and helped change other people’s too.

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